Services and Departments

Services to make your job easier – Zettler Hard Road

house keys, car keys, gate keys, lock keys

Screen and window repair services
Window and Door Re-screening(including Pet Screen), custom frame building
Plexi Glass cuts, single pane glass cuts(angles can be cut, sorry no curves)

Key cutting/duplication services
House keys, file cabinet keys, pad lock keys…….
Double Cut Car Keys including a selection of Micro Chipped Car Keys(sorry we cannot do Laser Cut keys)

Table lamp repair services
We will rewire, put in a new socket, put in a new switch, whatever it takes

Lawn mower / snow blower tuneups servicestonysharp1
Tune-ups include oil change, air filter replacement, spark plug replacement, blade sharpening(lawn mowers)
We also just do lawn mower blade sharpening(most of the time while you wait if off the mower)

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We have a few departments to browse when you come into our store as well:

*Paint and Stain Department
-We have Pratt & Lambert in quarts, gallons, and 5 gallon buckets. Thousands of colors to choose from or we can color match.
-We carry Ace brand spray paint including Rust Stop for all outdoor applications

*Glues and adhesives
-From Elmers glue to JB Weld to Marine Epoxy and everything in between

*Tape Area
-Duck tape, ducting silver tape, carpet tape, scotch tape………..

*Power Tools and Power Tool Accessories

*Safety Equipment
-We carry dust masks, safety glasses/goggles, hard hats, gloves, ear buds/plugs and over head ear protection……

*Automotive Department
-Electric fuses, brake cleaner, carb/choke cleaner, automotive oil, WD-40, rust penetrate spray, and cleaning supplies to name a few.

*Nuts and Bolts
-From M1.6 screws to 18mm, 0x80tpi to 3/4″x 8, and oddballs like woodruff keys to ball bearings – you could get lost for days in our selection of hardware

-Toilet repair, faucet repair, drainage supplies, washer lines, PVC, copper tubing, galvanized fittings, brass fittings, it goes on and onĀ Cleaning Supplies

*Household Cleaning Supplies
-Mops, brooms, 409, dusters, cleaners for glass, carpet, hardwood floors, tub and shower, multi-surface, odor absorbers, pet stains…..

*Lawn and Garden
-Yard bags, grass seed and fertilizer, garden foods, weed killer, bug killer, soil, peat, gravel, sand, everything to make your home yours.

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